Benefits of accreditation

  1. Accreditation helps conformity assessment bodies determine the effectiveness and efficiency of management processes; Determine the accuracy of calibration, testing, and medical testing; demonstrate technical competence, ensuring continuous improvement; Ensure fairness, and objectivity, creating customer trust and acceptance by relevant parties.
  2. Accreditation is an effective marketing tool for conformity assessment bodies and a passport to tender submissions for contractors requiring conformity assessment bodies to be validated independence.
  3. Reviewed periodically to ensure conformity assessment bodies continue to comply with standards and competency requirements.
  4. Accreditation is also a risk management tool for conformity assessment organizations. Through accreditation activities, conformity assessment organizations will reduce the possibility of nonconformities occurring between production and service activities. Services help control operations well and reduce operating costs as well as control operations.
  5. Accreditation creates favorable conditions for conformity assessment organizations to carry out trade in goods between countries and internationally, reducing the cost of reassessing conformity when exporting and importing products and goods.
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